We complete all administrative tasks so that you can focus on your practice and decrease your frustrations.

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Complete Billing Solutions

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We navigate the world of insurance and reimbursement to make sure that you and your practice can perform at its top level.


OUR employees are experienced in insurance, billing, and collection processes

    I have only had the privilege of working with Complete Billing Solutions for a short time, but in that time they have made

  such a difference.  When I hired Carmen, my previous billing service had made numerous errors in filing claims, as a result

 of which I had not received insurance payments for many hours of hard work with clients who had good benefits and

 valid coverage.  Carmen had the knowledge and skill to identify and fix the errors, submit the claims properly and help me

 get paid.  She has been helpful, friendly, prompt, and accurate, and I am excited to have her on my team.

                                                                                                                                   -- Anne Evans-Cazier

I have nothing but good things to say about Carmen at CBS.  She is everything you want in a billing company.  What stands out most is her knowledge and expertise and the incredibly timely fashion she gets work done. She lets nothing slip through the cracks, which allows me to rest assured knowing that if I email or call her about something, it will not only get done but it will be done as quickly as possible. She has been a lifesaver, even going back through all the things my past billing company missed which was insurance money I would never have seen without her help.  Her customer service is impeccable and I have yet to find any flaws working with her. I could not be happier with her services.

                                                                                                                       -- Megan Perry

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Our pricing structure is built to accommodate your needs and budget.  We have several different pricing tiers based on what you feel is best for your practice.


We assist you in the credentialing process and becoming in-network with insurance companies.