insurance regulations

Complete Billing Solutions stays aprised with insurance regulations, how to file electronic claims, and how to get reimbursed the most for your visits with your clients.  


Complete billing solutions is a leader in the billing industry with an emphasis on mental health billing.

focus on you and what you do best 

When  you partner with Complete Billing Solutions, it allows you to focus on your practice and what you do best. Let us handle your administrative tasks from verifying  insurance coverage, to billing insurances, to following up on the denied claims, and calling clients to collect balances.  

office staff

Complete Billing Solutions takes the hard part out of hiring and training an office staff.  You can rely on Complete Billing Solutions to schedule clients, follow-up on insurance claims, and update client accounts accurately.  This allows you to not have to worry about hiring, training, supervising, paying payroll taxes, and handling human resources with any front office staff.

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complete billing solutions

OUR services

Our employees display passion, precision, expertise and experience. We maintain a friendly yet hard-working atmosphere and well-trained staff that unites with individual providers to offer comprehensive billing services, allowing each provider to focus on his or her practice so that it may reach it's full potential.  We recognize and respect the sensitive and private nature of this business and consciously uphold the dignity of the provider's clients.  Partnership is our specialty, as we diligently advocate the needs of both our providers and their clients.

Our services include*:

  • Patient verification with insurance companies - this includes checking on effective date, co-payments and/or co-insurance, deductibles, and if any pre-certification is required
  • Submit all claims to insurance companies - 90% of these claims go electronically which makes payments come 5-7 days faster than claims submitted by paper
  • Follow-up on claims denial and rejections - we have a 97% rate of claims acceptance with insurance companies.  
  • Send statements - we will send monthly statements to any client that has a balance.  These statements are generated after insurance processes to make sure that we are collecting exactly what is owed.
  • Soft Collection calls - when client balances begin to hit 60 days we start making collection calls to your clients.  We understand the relationship you have built with your clients, so we maintain the highest level of professionalism.  We will never send a client to collections without your approval.
  • Address changes/EFT setup - if you decide to move your practice, we will update the insurance companies with your new change of address.  We will also setup electronic funds transfer with insurance companies that you choose.  
  • Access to our Software - we give you access to our software to use our appointment calendar, update client demographic information, and see balances of what clients owe.
  • Scheduling - we will act as your front office and schedule appointments.  We will list our phone number on your publications so that patients contact us to schedule appointments. You give us your availability and we will schedule your clients accordingly. 

cash flow

When you team up with Complete Billing Solutions, we can improve your cash flow.  By submitting claims on a weekly basis, your cash flow will be more consistent.